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How To Start E-Currency Exchange Business In Nigeria With Zero Capital

Are you Worried about what to do this year, the type of profitable Online Business you can do or just clueless about what direction internet based business is heading?

What I'm about to show you will put an end to all your worries and 2014 will be one of your best years. Do you know the rate at which the e-currency exchange industry is growing? Maybe you don’t, but I tell you it’s the fastest growing industry especially with the introduction of bitcoins that is considered “the next big thing in the eCurrency industry”

Forget about all the past failures and trials that you went through, because the big opportunity is here.

Imagine an extremely powerful information on e-currency exchange business that  could bring you a consistent daily, weekly and monthly income.

Here is what it's all about:

It is not a new thing anymore seeing a lot of e-Currency gateways all over  ecommerce sites. We see it and make use of it every day. But have you ever thought about how do they come into existence and how you can make money from it.

E-currency exchange is now becoming an industry on its own. It’s a HOT and NEW  business opportunity. Here is what I mean:

People can't do without making payment online and there is no way you will buy or sell  anything online without using e-currency. This report will expose some hidden secrets and opportunities about e-currency exchange business.

Read it well: If someone tells you there are no secret techniques for making money  -- they either don't know what they're talking about... or, they don't want YOU to  know what THEY know.

But first, there’s something you need to know. Before I go into the details, let me  tell you what this opportunity IS NOT…

The e-currency exchange business IS NOT ABOUT FOREX OR BINARY OPTIONS TRADING. And it is not about an investment scheme. It is FAR from it. You’ve probably spent enough time online to know that there are a TON of folks out there pushing the “next big thing” for getting rich, right?

They are the “miracle product” opportunities… the get-rich-quick schemes,  gambling, the pyramids, the “make-money-while-you-sleep” fantasies… and so on. 

But look at these so-called “opportunities” carefully, and you’ll see that the only  thing BIG about them is the size of the dent they’ll leave in your bank account after  you get sucked in! and that you have made use of an e-currency in one way or another to make payments.

None of these approaches to making money have EVER produced a reliable and  sustainable income and they probably never will.

I’ve built a consistent income proven system in this e-currency exchange business 

— not on hopes, dreams, and illusions — but on solid, proven techniques. We (e-currency exchangers) all KNOW it works, because we’ve been successfully using this idea that I’m about to  share with you now for YEARS!

Visit for proves of success. No hype… No empty promises!

NOTE:  You won’t make millions overnight, but you will have a rest of mind when it  comes to financial issues by doing the e-currency exchange business because it will bring in good money consistently.

Now let’s get started...

What Is eCurrency?

E-currency by wiki definition is an ''electronic money that acts as alternative currency''. E-currency is also known as "Digital currency" ,''Electronic currency" or "Electronic money".

It is money that is exchanged on Internet. “E” stands for “electronic” and “currency”  is the money. You can think of e-currency as virtual currency or virtual money.

E-currency is that type of currency that could be digitally used over the internet. It is  widely used on most of ecommerce sites to accept payment.  Without the e-currency, buying and selling, purchasing of goods and services  will not be possible on the internet.

Usually, digital currencies are funded with the paper money (Physical currency) that  could be used further on the internet for various activities i.e. shopping, trading, exchanging and many more.

There are different types of e-currency used for online transactions. Here are some  of the active e-currencies:

PayPal, MasterCard (TM), Visa Card(TM), Perfect Money, WebMoney, OKPAY, EGOPAY, SKRILL/MONEYBOOKERS, UCASH

Most of the currencies are backed by USD, EUR or Gold. Companies that handle all the e-currency wallets are also called processor gateway or money vendor. All these currencies are issued by private companies.

Let us talk about what an e-currency exchange is and how we can benefit from it.

What is e-currency exchange?

A lot people are ignorant about e-currency exchange and e-currency trading. Many are confused, thinking that e-currency exchange is the same as e-currency trading or trading in foreign exchange.

E-currency exchange simply means exchanging local currency to electronic currency.  It is also the exchange of one e-currency for another.  E-currency trading is buying and selling foreign exchange i.e. Forex.

E-currency  exchange and forex trading are two different things, though they belong to the same  financial genre. While one is dealing with Local currency, the other is dealing with foreign currency.

Now let’s talk about who an exchanger is?

                                       Who is An Exchanger?

An exchanger is a person or a company that helps in converting local currency to digital currency, put very simply . Let me put it this way. E-currency exchanger does the  same thing as the Bureau de change.

A bureau de change is a currency exchange, customers exchange one physical  currency for another physical currency. E-currency exchanger changes a local currency to electronic currency. While bureau  de change do his exchanges in physical currencies, e-currency exchanger does his  exchanges online (through Internet).


Why is becoming an e-currency exchanger very important right now?

On daily basis, we buy one or two things online mostly  digital products like eBooks,  mp3 downloads, software, video downloads or services like subscriptions, trading  signals, betting picks, membership sites, pay for freelance worker online etc.

People need a way to make payment online, to order for a product or pay for a  particular service. An e-currency exchanger is needed to help them to fund their e-wallet accounts or to help them pay for any of their products.

There are very few exchangers out there compared to the large number of people  looking for a trusted exchanger to buy from. People spend a lot online, remember all  payments made online are done through an exchanger.

For example, You come across  an eBook that will teach you how to earn from trading on binary. It’s a downloadable eBook which need to be paid for with Perfect Money. The money in your hand needs  to be converted to e-currency before you can be able to download the book.

However,  an e-currency exchanger is needed to do that for you. How to become an exchanger and take  advantage of the NEW and HOT business idea  is what our Video Tutorial will teach you. It’s a business you can start anywhere, from your room at home,  in school, even outside the country.

How much can you make as an exchanger?

This is the real money making aspect. The amount of money you make depends on  the number of quantity of e-currency sold. E.g. Lets assume a clients calls you for an  order for WMZ (WebMoney) of $1000.

You get the $1000 worth for N185,000 from a backbone exchanger at the rate of N180/$1 and you can sell it at the market price for N200,000, That’s a straight profit of  N15,000. Imagine you selling $1000 twice or thrice  within a week or two which is very possible just from a single buyer. (I will show  you the secret of selling such quantity in  our Video Tutorial).

Now imagine you getting such order from different customers  who make use of the currency every day online. Another example is selling a $500 PayPal that you can get at N180/$1 for a total of  N90,000 i.e. Sells it at N200/$1 (Markets Price). You make a pure and clean profit of  N10,000 on a single transaction without owning a PayPal account.

Do You mean I can so much money without having a PayPal?

Yes, we will expose the information to you at our  e-currency exchange Video. How to fund your customer's PayPal account without  having a PayPal account. This is another untapped opportunity flying all around  the internet without much people seeing it.

How much can I make monthly on this business?

Now, Let’s do the math’s together. If you sell different types of e-currency e.g. PM, WMZ and EgoPay and you sell  between ($700 to $1500 monthly) on each e-currencies, that is $2,100 to $4,500 respectively. If you buy these currencies at the rate of N180/$1 that is (N378,000 to N810,000).

Now, let’s assume your sell for N190/$1 back to your desperate clients,  you will be getting a profit of (N21,000 to N45,000 on each) x 3 currency types.  What do we have (63,000 to 135,000 pure and clean profit) on a monthly basis without you stepping outside your house. Does these sounds difficult? Absolutely NOT.

It’s not difficult to do. This is what we do at every blessed day and  that’s what exactly we want to show you in the Video Tutorial.

Is it a business I can do?

Absolutely YES, anybody can do this exchange business. It is a new business that has LOW number of exchangers with HIGH number of buyers. E-currency exchange business is an UNTAPPED  opportunity, and a sure way of making it big this year.

You can do this business even if you work in a bank, work in a company, if you are a student, graduate, unemployed, self employed etc. Just name it. The basic thing you need to get started is your PHONE, Access to Internet (this can be done also from your phone), and your active bank account (Saving or Current).

How fast can I make money from our training?

Our training on e-currency exchange is going to prove to you how guaranteed the business is?. You are sure of getting started after watching our Video.


The Earlier You Start The Better It is…

We are organizing a Comprehensive LIVE ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING

where we will be showing you the

practical steps needed to kick start the business

on your own without One Naira in just FEW hours.

The Video Tutorial is called...

How Make It Big As An E-Currency Exchanger Without Startup Capital.


In the Video, you'll learn:

  • How to setup VERIFIED e-currency exchanged accounts
  • Unique FREE ways to get customers to keep on buying from you or exchange from you on a daily basis
  • How to copy our successful way of doing business since 2009
  • How to start the business with ZERO capital
  • You will learn the actual steps I followed in making our own successful e-currency exchange business -
  • How to get more passionate and desperate buyers, customers or clients
  • How to get your e-currency wallet credited cheap and fast with a backbone supplier
  • How to secure and protect your account from fraudsters and hackers
  • How to be part of the exchangers supply chain once you attend



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How much will it cost me to get started?

Like I mentioned earlier, you may decide to start with ZERO Start Up. We will tell you the secret on how to do that in the Video Tutorial.  This business is a practical one. Not like other online businesses that will involve reading many ebooks  before you can understand how to do it.

Who is eTradeXchange?

eTradeXchange  is the leading e-Currency exchanger in Nigeria today. We exchange your  e-Currency at the best rates. eTradeXchange is an independent exchange service under the Registered name AOL RESOURCES.

We are an e-Currency exchanger for Perfect Money [PM],  BetOnMarket/, WebMoney in Nigeria [WMZ], PayPal in Nigeria, Payza, Solid Trust Pay [STP], EgoPay, Okpay, Moneybookers and BitCoin BTC exchanger in Nigeria etc.

Our NO1 Priority at eTradeXchange over anything else is our CUSTOMER Satisfaction, so if this is a priority for you in your e-Currency Exchange equirements, then we are he best exchanger you can transact with.

We train people on how to start a successful internet business with peace of mind.

Why Would a Successful Company Reveal All Of Their Best Secrets and Strategies For Making Money?

Now at this point, I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Can these guys really be savvy business people if they’re just handing everyone who ordered the Video Tutorial the secrets to how they make their money from the same business they are fully into?” 

It’s a good question. But here’s the thing…

I see a big opportunity in the e-currency business.  It is a less competitive business. The chances of you opening up shop right next to mine and hurting my business are quite slim.

I just want to enlighten people on how they can really make their business successful and not have to go find another job if this doesn’t succeed. I’m going to teach you all what I have learned for the past 5-6 years in this business.

I firmly believe that what goes around comes around… and so if we can help other  people to be successful, we’ll enjoy even more success ourselves. 

It’s a win-win, right? Good

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